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When it comes to Google’s SEO guidelines, content is considered as King. Content is everything that matters. It can be shared easily with public. Basically, content marketing includes blogs, whitepapers, articles, videos and podcasts, webpage content, press releases, presentations and lots more.

Every business requires a strong content marketing campaign irrespective of the industry it belongs. Great content is useful for SEO and also helps in building the brand. It is the main area of online marketing.

Content creation is one of the things that most business people struggle with. Sometimes, it is put on hold due to following reasons:

  • Having no idea about what to write on
  • Leveraging content online
  • Improper staff for content creation
  • Lack of people with appropriate writing ability.

As an experienced online marketing firm, Brand Spreader is completely aware about the importance of content on Google and hence it offers complete content marketing service which is lot more than just content itself.

Content marketing services offered by Brand Spreader are divided into three steps:

1. Developing a proper content strategy: The initial phase of any robust content marketing campaign is to create an effective content marketing strategy as per the industry standards.

Experts at Brand Spreader will work with you to understand your company in a better manner. This will include knowing completely about company, product, brands and value.

Before developing a strategy it is necessary to know the business goals and then the strategy will be formed depending upon the combination of informational as well as promotional content.

2. Content Creation: Once, it is decided as to which type of content is needed for the business then we can easily invest our efforts in proper content creation as this is the thing where most of the firms face problems.

Content creators at Brand Spreader can reduce this burden and get the content developed from its in house staff on your behalf.  We will offer:

  • Press Release
  • Blog Writing
  • Guest Blogging Submissions
  • Promoting content on different social media sites
  • And lots more as per the need…

3. Content Promotion: No matter how good your content is or how much value it has; it is of no use if it’s not promoted properly. Content Promotion is must as this brings maximum number of viewers and this is turn will give you thousands of natural links.

Brand Spreader will definitely help you to promote the content in every best possible way and some of these are mentioned below:

  • Publishing content to social media sites
  • Publishing the content to niche industry sites
  • Submitting it to social bookmarking sites

A well developed and strategic content marketing campaign is what will lead you to achieve the decided business goals. Brandspreader can help you to share your content with your targeted audience thus resulting into maximum business exposure.

Wish to have result oriented content marketing services for your business? Get in touch with us today…


Content Marketing
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Brand spreader is the well-known content is considered as King. Content is everything that matters. It can be shared easily with public.